Ingredients:  Tallow, Narcissistic, Sandalwood,, Vanilla Oil, Jasmine, Cedar,  India's Wood  & Earth, Sandalwood  are powerful masculine blends of essential oils that stimulate testosterone production and  arousal stimulating chemicals  called Phermones that signal sexual desire  and readiness.  Wood is a beautiful and masculine  blend of giving one a sense of confidence, stability and grounding of the Earth.  A faint hint of Jasmine brings a sense of sweetness that ensure females of their safety in the company of such a confident man that wears James Collection.  Try it for yourself, in your hair, beard or on your skin as a wonderful  moisturizer that will attract women from the first whiff.

Violet & James Collection JH Tallow Butters

​​​​​​​The James Signature Collection was created in honor of my Father James H Forte, a man of solid wisdom, literature, knowledge, science and art.  As I created my Mother’s Signature Collection to represent her as the Queen Goddess of Truth and Order, my Father represents the god of technology, science, reading, literature, education, math, energy and understanding Earth’s elements, seasons and agriculture .  His small and humble palace we called home functioned efficiently at all times. Properly stocked with updated literature, encyclopedias, technology, farm fresh foods and wild game his Palace was indeed filled with Love and Order. My parents were naturally resourceful with earth resources, believing in fully utilizing the goodness of Earth’s harvest for the nourishment, wellness and healing of  family. As I grew into adulthood I stored  valuable lessons of learning, meditation, respect for silence, self-preservation, survival and planting by the cycles of the moon. My Father’s house was anointed by God to provide all things for the good and wellness of his family.  Looking back in retrospect I clearly sensed  the ancestral vision, guidance and instructions of the god.  My Father's incessant love of science, numbers, geometry, medicine, botany, and philosophy shaped him into the magnificent  Husband, Father, Son and Brother he desired to be on Planet Earth.  As I’ve grown and better understood and applied these important principals and attributes in my daily life,  I’m more than thankful to God the Creator for giving me Wisdom to All who has Ears to hear, for the survival of Mankind.