A few words about us

​My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge; (Hosea 4:6)


​        InSideOutZen and  the Violet & James Collection

Hello from InSideOutZen, formally known as InSideOut & WithIn Colon Hydrotherapy.  My name is Janice Jackson, known by thousands across the United States and aboard as Ms. Janice, the Colonic Lady.  InSideOut Inc. has been in existence since 1996 when we opened a humble and blessed home based business in the Bellaire  Hwy 6 area.  Since that time I’ve been Blessed and Highly favored to have serviced over 300,000 individual clients.  Building a stable, strong, trusting professional relationship with my client base has always been my number one priority.  The mere fact that thousands of men, women and children have entrusted me with their health and wellness speaks volumes,  so it’s my desire and responsibility to make sure every individual leave InSidOutZen with an abundance of knowledge and tools to achieve a healthier lifestyle  than when they arrived.  My goal is to ensure my clients are equipped with enough information so they can successfully begin a stable and healthy lifestyle. 

Over  many years,  the Lord God has opened a vast knowledge base of information associated with Colon Hydrotherapy and other wellness  programs expanding my personal health and wellness library  to share with my ever growing clientele.  My latest amazing wellness tool has been in researching and understanding scientific information and studies surrounding the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef bone broth and actually applying grass-fed beef tallow directly to skin and hair.  After researching for over two years, reading hundreds of documents, studies and articles, applying trial and error, I finally achieved the perfect formula for creating an amazing collection of Organic Tallow Butters  for hair and skin. Thus was the creation and development of the Violet & James Collection, a nutritious and re-birthing hair and skin cream like no other found in the natural and cosmetic industry.  

The Violet & James Collection simply applies age old principles of healthy hair and skin care, utilized for millenniums.  Civilized Modern man abandoned natural animal fats for commercial plant oils and puddings, full of harmful chemicals, that strip and starve  hair and skin of necessary essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, proteins and collagen, which is essential for healthy follicle growth.  Simply put, Americans outsmarted themselves when they traded in traditional values over products of modernity.  Grandma’s remedies for flawless hair and skin was substituted for the latest and greatest  craze of nonfat bottles of hair puddings and crap that essentially dry and starve hair follicles to the point of starvation and hair loss. From King Tut, Ma’at, Iris, Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth, Queens and Kings of the Middle East and Africa,  Harriet Tubman and throughout the early 1900s to 1960s, natural animal fats of Lard, Deer, Chicken, Duck , Ostrich, Camel and Buffalo Fats kept their skin tight, smooth, flawless, free of disease, bacteria, insect bites and fungus.  Why reinvent the wheel when there’s Nothing New Under The Sun?  Please adorn your hair and skin with these precious luxurious Organic Tallow Butters, organic carrier oils and Precious Essential Oils provided by Mother Nature’s abundance of natural resources of grasses, sun, rain, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  I pray the Violet & James Collection will exceed your every need and expectation and bring a healing to your life.
Until we Meet, God Bless & Breathe Deeply,
Ms. Janice